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Achieve dream spaces with our award-winning home automation, entertainment and home cinema installations.

BN Audio can transform homes, workplaces and superyachts with smart home automation; multi-room audio-visual entertainment; touch-of-a-button lighting control and heating control; a stunning home cinema installation; and the reassurance of a comprehensive security system. And we integrate these into a single, intelligent and user-friendly control system, to give complete control over a home or workplace's technology.

Our expert installations are industry-leading in their quality and reliability, while being intuitive and simple to use. We work with industry giants that include Control4, a leading industry manufacturer of home automation equipment.

We have the Best Solutions for You

We’ll work with you every step of the way to find the perfect solution for your luxury property, shaping our best-in-class technology around your needs.

Please contact us to chat about your project or to arrange a demonstration, and see what we can do for you. Our demos are industry standard and will convince you that you need to employ our services and products to have comfort and a superior lifestyle.

Case Studies
See more of our projects and case studies of recently-completed installations where our client has kindly given us their permission to show their amazing smart homes.We promise excellent job delivery in all we will do.

Who We Do It For...


Property Developers

Property Owners

We work with the country’s leading architects, interior designers and home deisgn consultants to help you achieve your vision for your projects. Seamlessly integrated into your design, our smart home automation, control and entertainment solutions will complement your visual ethos and significantly enhance your projects—aesthetically and financially.

Our installations add significant value to domestic or commercial property. We work with property developers, house builders and boat builders to integrate the latest automation, control and entertainment technology—which can greatly increase the market value of a project and even accelerate its sale.

BN Audio can help you realise your dream with the design, specification and installation of amazing automation and entertainment systems. Check out our portfolio of stunning projects we’ve completed and then come and see us for a demonstration of how we can make your home or office smarter; without impacting on the interior design vision.